Set against one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Venice is considered one of the greatest art cities in Italy and Europe. It also serves as the backdrop of Fanola’s conception.
In 2005, during a time where cosmetic products and perfumery engulfed the city, a group of hairdressers decided they needed a fresh new array of brilliant shades to further help encapsulate the nuances of the city’s vibrant and bustling energy.
They seeked help from Pettenon Cosmetics, an industrial group that specialised in professional hair and skin care. Their experiences of research and development for the specific need of this contemporary market and understanding their clients’ values allowed them to pour their passion into an original creation for the presentation on the market. The tenacity and audacious collaboration of the newly found team of entrepreneurs, researchers, technicians, hair experts and art lovers laid the foundation of the new Italian hair colour brand created specifically for hairdressers by hairdressers. An innovative hair colour revolution was born.
Today, the brand has managed to stay relevant in today’s hair care market by constantly asking questions through national and international research while looking to industry professionals, influencers, stylists and the diversity of its fans to provide support of its product positioning that has now spread across 5 continents in 64 countries and over 5000 growing salons standing behind it.